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  • Back to Gardening without Pain!

    I am well-satisfied with the results of my therapy and no longer need pain relievers at all. I have no discomfort doing my normal routine and working in my garden. Thank Heavens!

    - ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Changed Physical AND Mentally!

    Wonderful experience! Not only have I been changed physically, but mentally as well. What a joy to do basic everyday chores and walking without severe back and knee pain!

    My exercise program has given me confidence to continue with my ongoing mending of my lower back.

    - Gloria S., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Back to Dancing!

    I first came to ProCare on crutches, barely able to put any weight on my ankle. Now, I'm finally back to dancing 100%! I wouldn't have been able to make this incredible improvement without your help! Thank you for everything!

    - Madison M., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Post-Surgical ACL Repair Success and Back to Field Hockey!

    I've had an excellent experience with ProCare! They've completely brought me up from rock bottom where I started with my ACL injury. I wasn't sure where the injury I encountered would bring me as far as playing field hockey again, but right now, even though I'm not done with my rehab yet, I feel stronger than I have before. 

    My physical therapist has been completely positive and encouraging the whole way and has been confident in being able to get me back to playing better than ever. 

    My injury started as a complete ACL tear, resulting in hairline fractures of my femur and tibia, along with tears in both of my meniscus. During my first visit with Adam, before surgery, I was unable to straighten my knee out. After the visit, Adam had already gotten my knee to bend a little more and straighten almost completely. 

    Now I have complete range of motion back and my injured leg is even stronger than my other in some ways. I'm looking forward to being released to start playing again.

    - Amanda O., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • I've Regained My Confidence!

    Since coming to ProCare, the difference I've found in myself is amazing. They have instilled confidence in me I didn't know I could have. They have also been here for moral support when I needed it, from the passing of my mom, to my goal of walking a mile again. They have improved my overall quality of life in general.

    Oh, and I have lost over 50 pounds since I began!

    I feel I am still improving each day. I have even began adding things at home on days I don't have therapy to help keep me strengthening. I also plan to continue on in the gym, once my time in therapy is over. I can't wait for my first 3K, coming up in two weeks - words I never imagined I would say!

    - ProCare Physical Therapy Client
  • Post-Surgical Spinal Operation Success!

    I had a spinal operation to remove arthritic chips that had paralyzed my arms and legs. After I completed residential and home health physical therapy, my neurologist recommended that I take physical therapy at ProCare in Athens because his other patients had been successful there. 

    It is sometimes very difficult to be both professional and friendly; however everyone at ProCare has overcome that difficulty. They pushed me beyond the capabilities I thought I had, resulting in steady, successful recovery of my arms and legs.  After several months of treatment, my condition has improved 100%.

    When the PT staff suggested that I continue building my strength at the fitness center, I joined and work regularly on the exercises the physical therapist developed for me. I would highly recommend physical therapy at ProCare to anyone!

    - William H., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Learning to Walk Again

    When I arrived at ProCare to begin physical therapy, my pride was compromised and I was using a walker due to complications during routine knee surgery.  Three weeks previous, I was a normal 37 year-old working mother with an active lifestyle.  From learning to walk again, progressing with a cane, building back core strength, and eventually returning to daily activities, ProCare’s staff has done an outstanding job rehabilitating and encouraging me daily both mentally and physically. We are so lucky to have a facility like this in Troy.

    - Nicole H., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • No More Headache Medication!

    Before coming to ProCare, I had headaches and neck pain almost every day for close to a year. Now my headaches are less painful and less frequent. I have learned how to manage my pain and strengthened my muscles that were causing problems in my neck. This has been the longest I have gone without having to take medication... which makes me EXTREMELY happy. Thanks, ProCare!

    - Caitlin S., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • No More Back Pain!

    When I first started coming to ProCare, I had an almost constant pain in my back around my kidney area. I have had issues in the past with my back, and have been to many different physical therapists. When going to the other therapists, I never felt 100% better when leaving the clinic.

    With the ProCare team, they found it was my ribs and not my back that was causing the pain and discomfort. Coming to ProCare, I've learned many different stretches and exercises to keep from having this pain any longer.

    I recommend anyone with any type of pain or discomfort to begin their road to comfort and recovery with the ProCare team!

    - Katie B., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Back to Tennis!

    My experience with ProCare Physical Therapy has been top-notch, in terms of competence, accessibility, and personability. Success of this experience is also measured by my symptom relief. 

    Prior to my first PT session, my tennis elbow pain was excruciating when I attempted to play tennis and the pain was significant when I vacuumed, lifted my pocketbook a certain way, and opened the dishwasher. 

    Through my physical therapist's keen assessment skills and effective interventions, I am largely without pain and I have started to play tennis again. I appreciate and will utilize the tools (exercises) that he has taught me to maintain my gains. 

    I am extremely satisfied with the results and I applaud Adam and the friendliness of the entire staff.

    - Kimberly M., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Post-Surgical Ankle Repair Success!

    I injured my left ankle and was diagnosed with a severe sprain. I began PT at ProCare and was making steady progress in all areas but one. After 2 months of therapy my Physical Therapist, Steve, referred me to a foot and ankle specialist. Without him showing a vested interest in my recovery, I would have continued on with my life in constant pain.

    The specialist diagnosed me with a Talor Dome Abnormality that required extensive surgery. Once I was able, I returned to ProCare. I am now proud to say that I am done with my physical therapy and pain free.

    The staff at ProCare was incredible. Without their positive attitudes and constant drive I would not have had this amount of success. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone that wants a positive rehab experience.

    - Rhys E., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Back to Teaching!

    I came to ProCare with hip pain. I could not tolerate standing and teaching without experiencing debilitating pain. After just a month, I am virtually pain-free. I can now teach a class and walk over a mile at a brisk pace. I'm looking forward to working with ProCare to get myself into great physical shape to continue enjoying retirement.

    - Susan O., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Back to CrossFit!

    During PT at ProCare, I was able to strengthen my shoulder and it gave me the confidence I need to be able to perform complex movements. I am an avid CrossFitter and some complex movements were giving me difficulty with my left shoulder. Now, after a month of PT, my should is stronger than ever and I'm able to handle maximum loads on many weightlifting power movements.

    - Chris R., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Back to Holding My Grandbabies!

    I am thrilled with the progress I have made over the last few weeks. When I started PT, I was not able to put my right arm behind my back. I couldn't full extend it to reach things above my head and I was experiencing pain during the night that interrupted my sleep.

    Holding my grandbabies was so important to me and thanks to my physical therapist, all of those concerns have been addressed and I am able to enjoy life again.

    - Melinda W., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Shoulder Pain is Eliminated!

    Adam has been great to work with. Exercises have pretty much eliminated the pain in my shoulder, which makes me very happy! 

    ProCare is a great place - highly recommended to anyone needing PT.

    - Lisa B., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Post-Surgical Shoulder Replacement Success!

    I feel very positive that if I hadn't come to ProCare for my physical therapy, I would not have progressed like I did. The exercise program the team gave me and helped me through each visit definitely worked.

    I really came a long way in a short time. I can reach up tall for items in the top shelves. Each day that goes by, I feel that my replacement is really a part of me! No pain with movement or when sleeping on it. 

    Thank you, ProCare!

    - ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Love You All!

    I came here not being able to turn my neck left or right. I suffered with this for six months, and thought I'd never get better. My physical therapist said to be patient in the very beginning, as I wasn't feeling any changes. She was right - I am better! I have now become a professional at all the exercises. I know what I should do to help myself and I can do all the exercises myself.

    The stretches were always the best. All the staff helped me if I needed anything. They were very flexible in appointment times. I want to thank all of the ProCare staff for making me feel like I am at home when I'm there. It's a wonderful team. Everybody works together. 

    Thank you, Adam, for taking care of me when Ashleigh wasn't there. Thank you, Des, for welcoming me and calling and asking about how I was doing the day I was having that bad day. I will really miss all of you. You are wonderful people who take care of your patients and make them feel better. Love you all.

    - Fatma E., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • No Pain in My Knees for the 1st Time in 10 Years!

    Before I started at ProCare, I was having pain in both knees when going up and down stairs. I was unable to run or jog and had swelling around the knee during most physical activity situations, including lap swimming. 

    I hike as part of my work. I was to the point where my knees were keeping me from enjoying my job. Now, after a full course of physical therapy, I have motion in my knees with very little discomfort for the first time in more than a decade. 

    I feel like for the first time in 10 years, I can return to the level of physical fitness I once took for granted. Thank you, ProCare!

    - Ingrid J., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • I Ran a Half Marathon!

    The treatments that I received from ProCare helped me to train for my half marathon. Without having the weekly treatments, I would have been unable to compete and enjoy my passion for running and outdoor activities.

    - Michelle S., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Pain is Gone in Under Six Weeks!

    I am extremely pleased with my results from physical therapy at ProCare. In just six weeks I have gone from being in a lot of pain and barely being able to lift my arm and shoulder to starting strength and conditioning training in their fitness program.

    The entire staff is very friendly and professional and the individual attention patients receive is great. Their willingness to work around my schedule and send email reminders for appointments was appreciated. 

    I will certainly recommend their services to anyone in need of a physical therapy or fitness program.

    - Terry S., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient