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Welcome to ProCare, Students!!

We are so glad you are here for your affiliation.

We hope your time with ProCare is profitable and informative.

Please watch each of the welcome videos below:

Mat Dewing, President and CEO ProCare Physical Therapy, INC

Micki Williams and Perry Koslow Co-COO and Vice Presidents ProCare Physical Therapy, INC.

Michelle Clark VP of Human Resources and Jenn Mosier Human Resources ProCare Physical Therapy, INC.

Gary Schommer Senior Vice President of Development and

Clinical Coordinator of Continuing Education ProCare Physical Therapy, Inc.

Amanda McGraw, Speech Therapy, ProCare Physical Therapy, Inc.

Amy Reynolds, Training Coordinator, ProCare Physical Therapy, Inc.

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More Testimonials

  • Back to Holding My Grandbabies!

    Holding my grandbabies was so important to me and thanks to my physical therapist... I am able to enjoy life again.

    - Melinda W., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Post-Surgical Shoulder Replacement Success!

    I really came a long way in a short time. I can reach up tall for items in the top shelves... No pain with movement or when sleeping on it.

    - ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Post-Surgical Ankle Repair Success!

    The staff at ProCare was incredible. Without their positive attitudes and constant drive I would not have had this amount of success.

    - Rhys E., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient