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Recovery from a concussion can be unpredictable. Most individuals recover within a short time frame, however some take longer to heal. ProCare Physical Therapy is here to help you return to your normal activities as quickly and safely as possible through the development of an individualized recovery program.

What is a Concussion?

What is a Concussion?

ProCare is making an ImPACT on Concussions:

  1. We provide the latest in concussion resources and education within our schools and in our communities.
  2. Baseline ImPACT testing allows you to get a snapsot of your brain NORMAL function. In the event you suffer a concussion, we can more easily tell when your brain is healed and ready to resume activity.
  3. In addition, the ImPACT program can help us analyze the severity of the concussion through the use of the ImPact program

Our Physical Therapists and Certified Athletic Trainers can help your brain safely return to a normal state through monitoring, modification, rehabilitation, and expert consultation.

For more information, contact any one of these ProCare Physical Therapy locations:

Avoca (570) 471-7662

Canton (570) 673-5551

Carbondale (570) 282-0200

Clarks Summit (570) 587-2142

Dallas (570) 310-1881

Dickson City (570) 489-5010

Greentown (570) 676-0700

Hawley (570) 226-5680

Lewisburg (570) 768-4922

Moscow (570) 842-8191

Towanda (570) 265-7688

Troy (570) 297-2774

Wellsboro (570) 948-2050

Wilkes Barre (570) 208-0466

The Role of a Speech Language Pathologists in Concussion Management

Speech therapy works to improve any deficits such as memory loss, difficulty with word-finding, attention, understanding spoken words, and formulating sentences that may be a results of post concussion syndrome.

Common Concussion Symptoms Indicating Potential Need for Speech Therapy

  • Difficulty producing speech sounds correctly
  • Experiencing aprosodia, the inability to understand or use the affective aspects of speech
  • Inability to interpret and use voice inflection that conveys emotions and meaning
  • Difficulty understanding or using spoken and/or written language
  • Difficulty understanding body language such as facial expressions and/or gestures
  • Difficulty carrying on conversations
  • Inability or difficulty paying attention or staying on-task
  • Decrease in memory function
  • Increased information processing time
  • Lack of or decrease in executive functioning skills such as: initiation and completion of tasks, self-regulation, sequencing, organizing, prioritizing, time management, and/or mental flexibility

For more information on Speech Therapy, contact:

Carbondale (570) 282-0200

Clarks Summit (570) 587-2142

Dickson City (570) 489-5010

Montrose (570) 278-1101

Tunkhannock (570) 996-6200

How soon should I contact ProCare about my Concussion?

If you’re a student make sure your school’s certified athletic trainer is aware of your concussion. If you are an adult, contact your family doctor. Most individuals feel better within a couple of weeks. However, some will have symptoms for months and longer. If you continue to have lingering symptoms from your concussion, consider talking to your doctor about physical and speech therapy for management of your lingering concussion symptoms.


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    I am well-satisfied with the results of my therapy and no longer need pain relievers at all.

    - ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Love You All!

    You are wonderful people who take care of your patients and make them feel better. Love you all.

    - Fatma E., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
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    I am an avid CrossFitter and some complex movements were giving me difficulty with my left shoulder. Now, after a month of PT, my should is stronger than ever...

    - Chris R., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient