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Physical Therapy Technician Job Summary

Basic Job Summary:

  • Responsible for assisting the Facility Director, staff physical therapists and physical therapy assistants in the delivery of patient care.
  • Observes and communicates patient comments relevant to care with Facility Director, staff physical therapist or physical therapy assistant as appropriate.
  • Manages and operates equipment safely and correctly, maintains department cleanliness and safety.
  • Assists with patient care as instructed by physical therapists or physical therapist assistants to ensure patient’s needs are met and facility policy is followed.
  • Front office duties are to be performed as needed and delegated by the office manager. It is the expectation that the Tech will be proficient in front office tasks and able to fill in as necessary in the event of secretarial absence.
  • Assists in ordering supplies, and ensures that all supplies and equipment are readily available.

Education Requirement(s): High School Diploma or GED

Please submit your resume to our Human Resources Department at


More Testimonials

  • No More Back Pain!

    Coming to ProCare, I've learned many different stretches and exercises to keep from having this pain any longer... I recommend anyone with any type of pain or discomfort to begin their road to comfort and recovery with the ProCare team!

    - Katie B., ProCare Physical Therapy Patient
  • Post-Surgical Shoulder Replacement Success!

    I really came a long way in a short time. I can reach up tall for items in the top shelves... No pain with movement or when sleeping on it.

    - ProCare Physical Therapy Patient