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Why Exercise Doesn't Have to Be a Chore

Regularly participating in physical activity can improve your physical, mental, and psychological health. It is no secret that activity can make us healthier physically, but it can also help us recover more quickly from injury and illness, improve our brain function, memory, attitude, and our general outlook on life.

Even when knowing these benefits, beginning an exercise regimen or physical therapy treatment can be difficult; it can be taxing to the body and can feel like a dreadful chore.

To overcome these negative feelings about exercise and to develop a healthier lifestyle, implement these three simple strategies:

  1. Think of exercise as “movement.” When we think of exercise or working out, we often picture ourselves red-faced, out of breath, and dripping sweat on the floor. It doesn’t have to be like this, though. Instead, focus on moving more throughout your day and increasing that amount of movement over time. Using a pedometer or activity tracker can help you get started with this.
  2. Find your “playground.” Exercise doesn’t necessarily have to take place in a gym or on a running track. You may find joy in exercising elsewhere by doing things like biking, playing a competitive or recreational sport, swimming, or helping out at your kid’s baseball practice. Find where exercise is enjoyable for you.
  3. Commit to moving. It can be easy to set a health goal, but without a true commitment to it, you may easily quit. You can commit to moving more in many ways, like signing up for a group fitness class or program, asking a friend or spouse for accountability, or enrolling a trusted professional to help you on your journey.

By mentally reframing exercise as movement, finding your preferred way to move, and committing yourself to the process, you can overcome the difficulties of beginning an exercise regimen and live a healthier life.

If you have questions about how to safely move, please ask a ProCare physical therapist, our resident “movement specialists.”


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